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No Prosecution For Police Assault

Squall 14, Autumn 1996, pg. 11.

NO PROSECUTIONS are to be brought against Manchester Police for an incident in which an Asian student lost an eye, according to a report leaked to the Manchester Evening News.

It is believed the report, compiled by the Merseyside Police for the Police Complaints Authority, found no evidence of assault.

The report has been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service who will make the final decision.

Amer Rafiq, 21, was arrested at the Eid festival in February following an argument about parking. He was taken to hospital later that night with a shattered right eye socket.

Manchester police say Rafiq hit a piece of equipment in the van during a struggle. The PCA report says that forensic evidence supports this claim.

Amer’s family said they were disappointed but not surprised by the news. They have not been allowed to see the report or kept informed of its progress. Their solicitor served a writ on the police beginning civil proceedings.

The officers involved in the arrest of Amer have been taken off street duties. No action has been taken against them.

The announcement coincided with news that no action would be taken in connection with the deaths in police custody of Wayne Douglas and Shiji Lapite.

In 1995/96 the Police Complaints Authority investigated 397 complaints of racially discriminatory behaviour. Only four resulted in disciplinary charges. In recent years only one incident in which a black person has died in custody has resulted in the prosecution of officers involved. They were acquitted.