Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006


SQUALL Magazine is back online.

Here you will find its 14 years as a foremost voice in British radical independent media (1992-2006) presented as a unique resource covering an important period in British socio-political history. It was a period of widespread political activism in the UK including the largest street demonstration against a piece of legislation in UK history. A significant era of direct action regularly passed over by an Oxbridge-dominated media who erroneously suggest 1968 (their youth) was the last time young people took their politics to the streets.

Within this site then you’ll find frontline reportage and in-depth researched articles from the wide spectrum of subject material SQUALL covered: from the infamous Criminal Justice and Public Order Act in the early nineties to the social movements which arose in the UK to counter it. There was wide coverage of the large-scale ecological and anti-roads direct action protests of that decade and the international anti-capitalist protests and anti-war movements. Alongside these was continued coverage - often hardly reported elsewhere - of such topics such as the Exodus Collective, squatting, free parties, raves/festivals, traveller culture, the McLibel Trial, surveillance and much more.

For more context and background about SQUALL see here.

A guide to this archive site

SQUALL material is roughly divided chronologically into two:
* 1992-1998 - SQUALL was predominantly a print publication - see the 'Print Output 1992-2001' section. Most print issues are also freely downloadable as PDF files (with the rest to follow soon).
* 1999-2006 - SQUALL was predominantly online - see the 'Articles In Categories' sections (eg 'Features' etc).