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Road Rage

Roads To Ruin

Squall 13, Summer 1996, pg. 51.

OVER 240 ROAD-BUILDING PROJECTS are still to go ahead despite the slashing of the Government’s construction programme last year, a new report shows.

An audit published by the Council for the Protection of Rural England in April shows 246 schemes still due to begin across the country.

Split into three parts, they are made up of 38 privately-financed roads, 104 “main programme” schemes and 104 longer-term schemes.

Amongst the most damaging projects, the CPRE listed the A259 in Kent which will damage the Lympne Escarpment, an SSSI and area of cultural heritage.

A new bypass in the Lake District National Park will involve three kilometres of new dual carriageway and the A49 Hereford bypass will destroy ancient woodland and meadows.

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