Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Twyford Down protest 1992
Twyford Down, March 1992. Photo: Alec Smart.

Anti-Roads Movement

The Anti-Roads Movement of the 1990s was possibly the most signifcant series of ecological protests yet seen in Britain: spectacular, and with lasting impact. The Twyford Down protest in 1992 - resisting a dual-carriageway road cutting through rural Hampshire - set the scene for many more. Following this was the No-M11 Link Road Campaign in East London, most famously remembered for Claremont Road. From there the movement built up momentum and road protest camps defended land up and down the country for the next decade including Newbury, Fairmile, Solsbury Hill, and many others. While many of these battles were eventually lost, in the end the movement won, and the UK road-building programme was slashed.

And while this was all going on, another equally in-yer-face anti-car protest tactic sprung up in city-centres up and down the country with the Reclaim The Streets street parties.

Here's a selection of Squall's coverarge of all this...

Road-House Blues
The largest Road and Housing protest in Europe erupts in Wanstonia, NE London, to fight the M11 Link Rd - Squall 6, Spring 1994.

Road Wars
Solsbury Hill looks set to become the Twyford Down of 1994, plus other updates - Squall 7, Summer 1994.

Squall 8, Autumn 1994

Road Wars
Nationwide round-up of road protests including: Solsbury Hill, Stanworth Valley, Newbury, Pollock, and Cardiff Bay.

Violent Eviction Arsonists Jailed
Two men imprisoned for arson attack on No M11 Link Rd protesters living in the chesnut tree on George's Green, Wanstead.

Private Roads Go Ahead
Govt gives the green light to privatised 'shadow' toll roads

Squall 9, Jan/Feb 1995

Towers of Strength
Claremont Road, East London; inside Europe's longest eviction. Report and interviews with protesters against the M11 Link Road. By Jim Carey

No M77 battle hots up in Scotland
'Free State Of Pollok'

A30 Honiton-Exeter on the back burner
Protest camps building with clearance work done

The Third Battle of Newbury
Pitched against vested interests

No M65 Campaign
The 'Sky Village' at Stanworth Valley in Lancashire against the M65

Under Cover Of Eviction
Security guards, bailiffs and sexual harassment against female protesters, by Debbie Shaw

Policy Shift or Shifty Policy?
Is public opinion swinging away from tarmac?

Compensation And Apologies From Twyford Down Police 
Protesters quids-in after pay-off for unlawful arrests.

Road-Building HQs Occupied 
Road-protesters surprise Highways Agency with office occupation.

Reclaim The Streets
The first Reclaim The Streets, Camden High St. Photo: Andrew Testa

Squall 10, Summer 1995

Reclaiming The Air
Report from the first Reclaim The Streets, Camden High St, London, on May 14th. By Andy Johnson

In Defence Of Stanworth Valley
Two reports from the eviction of the No M65 protest camp in Lancashire by Ian Freeman and Catherine Grivas

A30 Exeter Honiton ByPass
Upcoming road project to be privately run

Trans European Networks And The Derby Bypass
TENs - the bigger picture behind road expansion in Britain

Pro-Newbury Bypass Lobby Grows
Momentum is gathering for the Newbury Bypass

A Nightmare On LWT Street
Road protesters stitched up on Richard Littlejohn chat show, then attacked by riot police. By Jim Carey

Road Building In Chaos
Transport Secretary Brian Mawhinney announces that some road-building schemes are to be held-over

Laing Four Freed
The first road protesters charged under the CJA go to trial

Group 4 On The Net
Group 4 uses web to surveil road protesters

The Road-Builders 'Hard' Men 
No accountability over the violence on protesters at the M11 protest - letter to Squall

Squall 11, Autumn 1995

Reclaiming the Street Politic
Andy Johnson lets the tape roll on a Reclaim the Streets brainstorm

Newbury Bypass: Battle-lines Drawn
Ian Freeman introduces the contesters in the Third Battle of Newbury

Green Mania
The last stand for the long-running No M11 Link Rd protest is finally evicted

Wells Relief Road
Protesters digger-dive and stop work on road

End Of The Road For M-Way Construction
Road protesters are winnng the argument

Prodigy Jilt The Jilted
The soundtrack to the Claremont Road eviction, but the band themselves are a sell-out

Twyford Down Land 'Given Away' To Public School

Squall 12, Spring 1996.

If You Newbury Like I Newbury
The third battle of Newbury is now well under way. Neil Goodwin sends a report from the front line

Squall 13, Summer 1996

The Newbury Sausage - Neil Goodwin writes an abridged diary of the Third Battle of Newbury.

Highway Hold-Up
Reclaim The Streets invite you to this summer's festival of resistance

"Judas Rope"
Conflict within the climbers community against those who worked to evict Newbury protesters

Climbers Use Torture Tactics On M66
Potentially lethal tactics used to evict protesters at camps in Manchester

Roads To Ruin
Over 240 road-building projects to go ahead despite protests

Air Campaigners Expose Manchester Hypocrisy
Fresh Air Now! fight Manchester Council

Squall 14, Autumn 1996

Road Rage

Festival Of Resistance
In celebration of the Reclaim the Streets occupation of the M41. Pictures by Nick Cobbing.

Fight For Fairmile
Jason Royce with words and pics from the next big road protest stand-off.

Police Clampdown On RTS
Sally Chesworth and Andy Johnson report on how the success of Reclaim the Streets has induced a recent rash of police attention.

Twyford Compensation
Hampshire police agree to large payout to two women wrongfully arrested at Twyford Down

One Hundred Year Slaughter
The centenary of the first ever fatal car accident

Highways Agency Yobbo
Highway Agency in M11 Link Rd PR shocker

Cow Discharged: Bomber Innocent
Newbury protester acquitted for petrol bomb

Hunger Striker Victory
Newbury protester wins court battle over repressive bail conditions

Injunction Threat To Protest Rights
More injunctions served on Newbury protesters

Militant Anarchist Cyclists Arrested
Following Critical Mass in support of tube worker's strike

Squall 15 Summer 1997

Ally Fogg reports on the ‘No Runway 2’ protestors at Manchester Airport who took to the tunnels to protect hundreds of acres of mature woodland and green belt areas.

Road Rage 
Round-up of road-protest action around the country

Square Dancing
The March for Social Justice in April bringing together Reclaim The Streets and the Liverpool Dockers. With photos by Ivan Coleman and Nick Cobbing.

Squall 15 Summer 1997

National Breakdown
Round-up of ecological direct action protests across the country including Crystal Palace, Ashton Court, Dead Woman's Bottom, Derby and Reclaim The Streets street parties

Torture Tactics
Police getting increasingly heavy-handed with protesters

Copse - The Cartoon Book Of Tree Protesting
Review of book by cartoonist Kate Evans

Tales Of Trees And Tunnels - Eviction of protest camps at Manchester Airport - 1998

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