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Road Rage

“Judas Rope”

Squall 13, Summer 1996, pg. 50.

THE THIRD BATTLE OF NEWBURY has prompted another battle, one of words, in the pages of climbing magazines like Climber and On The Edge.

The use of climbers, contracted by Chesterfield company Richard Turner Ltd, to evict protestors at Newbury has angered those in the climbing community who believe that as well has having developed skills “in ascending rocks and handling ropes” climbers have “entered into a bond of trust and responsibility towards the environments in which we, as climbers, move and towards the whole idea of respect for nature”.

To this extent the May edition of Climber acknowledges a deep respect for the protestors: “our church was indeed their church.”

Many climbers believe that the “collaborators” being used by Richard Turner are engaged in “legalised GBH”. They have been appalled by the danger many young and, prior to Newbury, completely inexperienced climbers, have been placed in at the hands of the Richard Turner mercenaries.

Jim Perrin, writing for Climber, is clear that most climbers share his sense of shame and asks “You who’ve betrayed your community, friends and fellow human beings: how long will your money last? And when it’s gone, remember - when he faced what he’d done, Judas had a rope too...”

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