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Free parties - Sunnyside Style

This is the sound of the underground.

Squall 10, Summer 1995, pg. 9.

1995 stylee coming at ya loud and proud. The CJA is here. Retain, detain, search and destroy is the name of the game. At your expense. Your homes, your property, and your liberty, all are now at risk. Section 62, which came into force on April 10 1995, gives authorities the power to impound and destroy sound equipment, living vehicles, and to charge the owners for the privilege. They can also stop and search you without justification on the street once again, and there’s more. Serious stuff man. But don’t get down, get up and read on.

Since Saturday 11 February, we have managed to entertain 12-15,000 happy campers, kickin’ it live over the course of four free events in an abandoned West Country city centre warehouse, aka The Feel-Good Factory; but it could have been anywhere. The 3rd and most massive bash came on Sat. April 8 when between 5000-8000 people got together to show good old Section 62 and the rest of the CJA the contempt it deserves. The vibe went out and was a monument to the spirit of everyone who attended, our thanks and greatest respect goes out to everybody who turned up and helped out. Wicked lighting, platforms, dancers, projections, inflatables, live video mixing and music to fight for, all the people. 14 hours of mayhem later, the point had been made, and we all went home in peace. Cos that’s what we want, to be left in peace.

On Sat May 13, 1500 people showed up with 24 hours notice for some more Feel-Good; statement for freedom No. 4.

How the fuck? I hear ya saying; how didn’t they get busted? Well, here’s how.

The venue is on public land, it’s indoors, it’s away from local residents, and it has land for car parking. Crucial! This is a squattable property, put up your section 6’s and take up temporary residence. Make it safe and clean. When the police come, inform them of your status, show them stewards, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit. If possible get St. John’s Ambulance/student nurses to attend. Sort out your power, don’t steal it. Provide toilet areas. Have some lawyers ready, know your rights, and show the coppers your good intentions. Don’t sell beer - that’s what seems to worry them the most - no pennies for their masters I suppose. Provide free water or find a stand-pipe and provide a few butts. Find someone to do a cafe/chill-out area for rest/tea/coffee/food. Finally, find someone to act as go-between for your free community gathering and the old bill, since there are no organisers, and ask them to co-operate in making the night pass safely and without incident. Give them a rough guess at nos. expected (but who can tell) and when you expect to leave (honest). They will want to monitor the event, allow them, but make sure you monitor them too; a friendly escort with a camera is always handy, and it’s better to be safe than lose a PA.

These parties have shown that together we are stronger, unity and co-operation are our weapons and we have made them work. The statistics speak for themselves; no arrests, no causalities, no shutting down or attempts to impound, and not a single complaint lodged with the police. They have had to talk to us, and its made a mockery of the spiteful and hypocritical legislation brought in to criminalise our culture; so let’s beat them at their own game.

Massive respect to all the underground crew who have tirelessly brought their talent, resources, light and energy together to show that the needs and rights of a generation cannot be put down and dismissed. You know who you are.

We are the people,
We are the nation,
Celebrate to survive,
It’s our only salvation.

Diplo - Sunnyside Collective.

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