Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
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Selected articles about the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, covering the build-up, the resistance, the consequences, plus commentary of discussions in the House of Commons about it.

Squall 4 - April/May 1993

Squatting: The Political Arena - The storm clouds gather for legislation against squatting and travellers.

Squall 5 - Oct-Nov 1993

Travels In A Political Arena - editorial: Is the media assault on travellers, festivals and squatters the harbinger of new repressive legislation?

Squall 6 - Spring 1994

The State It’s In - editorial: a short fuse to criminalisation for squatters, travellers, ravers, and protesters with the newly published Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill.
Law Is A Cabaret Old Chum - farce in the House as the CJB plays to the gallery.
Injustice Translate - Summary of Part V of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill relating to aggravated trespass, squatting, travelling, land protests and festivals/parties.
The Jewel In The Mud Award - This issue's selected media gem, featuring positive commentary from one Guardian journalist about the Exodus Collective
Consultation Exorcise - Who did the Govt listen to when drafting the new CJB squatting legislation?
Gypsy Council - The Gypsy Council voice grave concerns about the effects of the CJB on gypsy and traditional travellers.

Squall 7 - Summer 1994

The State It’s In - editorial: as the CJB makes its final way through the House Of Lords.
Actors Of Parliament - the theatre continues.
Injustice Translate - Summary of Part V of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill relating to aggravated trespass, squatting, traveeling, land protests and festivals/parties.
Police Tied Up - Police complain that being force to enforce the CJB when it is enacted will put them under great pressure.
Gypsy Women "Turned Mad" by Bill - women form new group.
The Jewel In The Mud - George Monbiot gives historical context to what the CJB is attacking
FreeNet - the Freedom Network has a 'Bill's Picnic' against the CJB at Hyde Park.
Advance For A Free Future - a personal view of the May 1st London mass demonstration against the CJB.
The State It's In - Stop Press - Start Press - Criminal Justice Bill delayed by amendments in House Of Lords. July/Aug 1994.

Squall 8 - Autumn 1994

The State It's In - editorial: As the Criminal Justice Bill resumes its progress through parliament.
Oxford Evictions - anti-CJB squat in Oxford brutally repressed by police.
Protest Squats On The Increase - anti-CJB occupations across the country.
Velvet Revolution - anti-CJB road show goes on tour.
Actors of Parliament - The farce of Labour's effort to oppose the CJB.
News of the Skews - the British media and the second CJB rally..
Consultation Exorcise - Police show dissatisfaction with the CJB, and their role in implementing it.
The Triumph of Love Over Pain - CJ Stone gives his account of the central London anti-CJB mass demonstration on July 24th (1994).
Cambridge Capers - Letter from reader about Anti-CJB demo in Cambridge

Squall 9 - Jan/Feb 1995

The State It’s In - editorial: assessing the early impact of the Criminal Justice Act.
Travellers Moving Abroad - exodus of travellers from Britain avoiding the CJA.
Life After the Criminal Justice Act - public order monitoring by Liz Parratt, Campaigns Officer, Liberty.
News of the Skews - photo of Hyde Park CJB demo used by mainstream photo-editors skews perspective on a year of protest.
Consultation Exorcise - "the widest possible public debate"?

Squall 10 - Summer 1995

The State It's In - editorial: The 'new politics of protest' is now a phrase branded about in mainstream media.
Laing Four Freed - The first road protesters charged under the CJA found guilty
Nine Great Conspiracy Theories to explain the Criminal Justice Act.
Are You Well Red? - A review of books about the Criminal Justice Act, by Sean McSweeney
Free Parties - Sunnyside Style - this is the sound of the underground
Scottish Travelin' Tales - same CJA concerns north of the border (letter to Squall)

Squall 11 - Autumn 1995

Ancient Royal Charter Vs Criminal Justice Act - Heather James reports on this year's Tan Hill Fayre near Winchester - an attempt to re-establish our ancient right to celebrate traditional country fayres
Councils To Publish Squat Lists Shock - Jim Paton tells of the blessings woven from the CJA curse

Squall 13 - Summer 1996

Aggravated Press Pass - journalists arrested under the CJA

Squall 14 - Autumn 1996

Where Now? - Rachel Kano talks to fellow Travellers about surviving the CJA.

This is a far-from complete list - to see the rest read through the full issues of Squall available here