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Nestlé Spoonfeed Makes Campaigners Sick

Child care conference accepts Nestlé sponsorship

16th March 2000 / Squall Download 4, May-June 2000, pg. 8.

A big childcare conference partly sponsored by the Department for Education and Employment and due to take place in mid-March has accepted sponsorship from Nestlé.

The Childcare Revolution 2000 conference in London on the March 9&10 will to be addressed by Margeret Hodge MP, Minister of Employment and Equal Opportunities, Harriet Harman MP and Labour's fave black broadcaster, Trevor Phillips.

Campaigners are up in arms over the insensitivity of allowing Nestlé, who are widely criticised for their powdered milk marketing strategies in the third world, to put its logo on publicity material purporting to point the way ahead for a better approach to the care of children.

Nestlé spend over $7 billion each year on the worldwide marketing of its brand name and products.

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