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Roger Sylvester - death in police custody
Grieving parents of Roger Sylvester and supporters hold a vigil outside the Home Office. Photo: Richie Andrew

Death By Truncheon

Commemoration and demonstration for man killed in police custody

17th August 2000 / Yearbook 2001, pg. 107.

The parents and family of Roger Sylvester gathered for a vigil outside the Home Office on August 17th 2000 on what would be been Roger's 32nd birthday.

On January 11th 1999, the healthy 30 year old black man was 'restrained' outside his home by eight officers from Tottenham Police Station. Roger sustained multiple injuries and then slipped into a coma and was put on a life support machine. Seven days later he was dead.

None of the eight officers were disciplined and Roger's mother and father are spearheading a campaign for an inquiry into their son's death.

For more info on the case check out the Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign website at

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