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Colonel Smack To Be Banged Up?

US army colonel admits to involvement in heroin smuggling from Columbia

6th April 2000 / Squall Download 4, May-June 2000, pg. 9.

A US army colonel formerly in charge of running the US military's operations in Columbia faces only three years in jail after admitting that he covered up his wife's heroin smuggling and money laundering activities.

Colonel James Hiett who played a key role in trying to bank the profits from the operations is expected to plead guilty in a federal court in New York on April 17. Prior to his admission the US army criminal investigation division had cleared Colonel Hiett of any knowledge or involvement in his wife's activities.

The latest admission follows previous revelations of CIA involvement in cocaine smuggling out of Columbia and is likely to prove highly embarrassing to the US government who have recently approved a $1.6 billion aid package to Columbia. Officially the money is designed to help the Columbian government fight the drugs trade but it is widely acknowledged by Human Rights groups as being a move to help the Columbian government fight left wing guerillas in the country.