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The Post Bag: Letters To Squall

No Battle In The Beanfield

Squall 14, Autumn 1996, pg. 70.

Dear SQUALLists SQUALLees, and SQUALLettes,

It was at an early Festival that people decided to build Stonehenge .

For the record, when on June 1st 1985 Thatcher’s police and ‘specials’ charged the hippy convoy in a grass field near Stonehenge, many tried to escape through the beanfield. If any one of the hundred-ish convoy drivers had wanted a ‘battle’ then he/she could’v killed cops truncheoning windows - squashed like woodlice between anuverbus at 40 m.p.h. - but not one of us did - for all our hypocrisystems we were a Peace Convoy.

May 1997 maybe Westminster elections - perhaps they’ll Con us again- else a hung parliament, Lib/Lab/Welsh/Scots, Rainbow Alliance, Glenda Jackson PM?, a new age of concensus, justice, trust, compassion...

...and a glorious summer solstice sunrise...