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McLibel McNuggets

Two news nuggets about evil burger giants

Squall 16, Summer 1998, pg. 11.

McLibel goes CD

YOU'VE SEEN the website, watched the trial and read the transcripts. Now you can do it all again in even more detail.

McSpotlight, ever willing to shine a light into McDonald's dark places, have put the whole of their web site on a CD ROM.

Described as an 'imageconscious corporation's worst nightmare' the disc contains over 20,000 pages of information about McDonald's and the Mclibel trial. It includes all the official court transcripts, witness statements, the full verdict, in-depth interviews, press articles, etc, etc.

There's also a photo album, animation, video clips and quiz to make sure you've been paying attention.

Meatheads Slug It Out

BURGER GIANTS McDonald's and Burger King are set to slug it out for UK domination during 1998 following Burger King's plans to double its number of stores.

With 455 stores churning out a milion whoppers a week, Burger King have teamed up with Granada, Compass and Texaco to expand to between 700 and 900 stores.

The burger giants, who have always played second fiddle to Big Macs, have already opened a test site with Shell UK.

In response, McDonald's have said they will spend £85 million opening another 100 store by the end of 1998 - boosting its stores to 930.

Between them Burger King and McDonalds employ 75,000 people.