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Cook Admits British Riot Gear Used In Indonesia

Squall 16, Summer 1998, pg. 11.

FOREIGN SECRETARY Robin Cook admitted last month that equipment used by the Indonesian regime against rioting student protestors came from Britain.

At the height of the riots, which erupted after six students were shot dead during a protest against the Suharto regime, Mr Cook said: "Sadly it appears to be the case that some of the equipment being used against those rioters is sold from Britain."

He added the new Labour Government's 'ethical arms policy' would not have allowed license for such sales.

But more than 56 applications for arms exports to Indonesia have been granted since May last year, with only seven refused.

Labour MP Ann Clwyd said a delivery of Hawk jets, approved under the Tory Government, were due to arrive in Indonesia in the same month as the riots.

An estimated 500 Indonesian people have since died in further rioting.