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Crocodile Tears And No Ears

Squall 5, Oct/Nov 1993, pg. 26.

Congratulations to Major Peter Hindley, Estates Manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital, for finally fulfilling his own urgent demands on behalf of sick children.

One and half years ago, squatters moved into an empty, unused building under his control. Aware that the building was owned by the hospital and not wishing to cause them expense or concern, the squatters went to visit him to explain their predicament. He told them with concerned eyes that, whilst he had every sympathy with their case, the hospital desperately needed the building by the end of the week. Again, in order not to cost the hospital any money, the squatters volunteered to move by the end of the week, but the Major still took them to court the very next day.

The affidavit claimed that the squatters’ presence was hindering the healing of sick children and, as a consequence of this wording, the magistrate would not allow the squatters to speak in court. The bailiffs came the following day.

In early September of this year, one and a half years after the sick children were hindered, the builders finally began work on the property.

Congratulations then to the Major who had “every sympathy with the squatters’ plight” in every way except deed, and congratulations also to the Major’s ex-army chums from Oman, who, according to an ex-employee, were awarded the lucrative building contract