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The Council, The Travellers And The Slave Traders

Squall 5, Oct/Nov 1993, pg. 25.

Avon council have had an awful lot of fun trying to locate a Travellers site in their area. The Caravan Sites Act, which the DOE soon hopes to repeal, places a statutory duty on local authorities to make provision for Travellers. However, Avon Council’s efforts to fulfil this duty have come up against wearisome opposition from the old and insidious.

The Council sited the Travellers in an ex-army base and thought it be an ideal location. Not so, for the land surrounding the army base turned out to be owned by the Freemasons and a group called the Merchant Venturers. This latter group are similar to the masons, with all the pomp and secret handshake stuff, but have origins based in merchant shipping. The heaps of cash evidently necessary for their extra special feeling of superiority was made transporting slaves around the world, using Bristol as a base.

Now, apparently, they’re up in arms about dole scrounging didicoys are being parked up next to the land they have been able to acquire with the profits from the profits from the profits, of their slave trading forefathers.

Rather than hide their heads in the shame of their ill-gotten gains however, they are now to be seen marching through the centre of Bath demanding justice and threatening local councillors by telephone.