Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

Putting Our House In Order

Does Your Organisation Need Some Money?

Squall 4, April/May 1993, pg. 21.

So goes the invitation sent out from the offices of Putting Our House In Order, a charity intending to aid the UK’s homeless.

Using the Music Industry as their vehicle, Putting Our House in Order have released 12 different versions of ‘Gimmee Shelter’ on EMI records. The versions will all have the same catalogue number and it is hoped that the track will get to number one in the charts. Putting Our House in Order is the brainchild of that master of organisation Jon Beast and features New Model Army, Tom Jones, Gary Clail, 808 State, Utah Saints, Neneh Cherry, Jimmy Somerville, Voice of the Beehive, Pop Will Eat Itself, Little Angels, Hawkwind and many others.

As one might expect, a not inconsiderable amount of money is expected to be generated by this venture. Putting Our House In Order also plan to play host to several hundred live events across the country, organise sponsored events and engineer; “Europe’s largest ever pop and rock memorabilia auction”, including over 1000 lots ranging from top pop stars’ signed guitars to pairs of the Rolling Stones’ Socks.

All of this will channel much needed funds into the coffers of those groups supporting the homeless. This country must surely be in a sad state when charity, not government policy, is increasingly the only inspired response to social crisis.

If you are involved with an organisation helping the homeless and you need some cash contact Putting Our House in Order at; Suite 22, Pall Mall Deposit, 126-128 Barlby Road, London, W10. Tel: 081 964 3661/2.