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Police Accused Of Cooking Books

...but police to investigate police again

Squall 15, Summer 1997, pg. 13.

POLICE in Nottinghamshire were accused of fiddling their solved crime figures in April.

An investigation into the claims is being overseen by the police complaints authority and carried out by Bedfordshire police, headed by Beds chief constable, Michael O'Byrne.

Last year Nottingham police had the best clear up rate in the country. Overall crime in the area dropped by over six percent.

But with police under increasing pressure to meet performance targets, it was claimed by a retired superintendent that Nottinghamshire had, in fact, been cooking their books.

For example, a number of burglaries in one flat were recorded as one crime.

Police in Nottingham have also been accused of counting single crimes twice and attributing too many crimes to one person.

Three Bedfordshire officers have set up shop in Nottingham police station to audit the books.

Last year Bedfordshire came bottom of the crime clear up table.