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Last Respects To Judi Bari

Inspirational eco-activist dies at 47

Squall 15, Summer 1997, pg. 13.

JUDI BARI, American full-on Earth First! activist and rights campaigner died on March 2, 1997 of breast cancer aged 47. During her life Judi was involved in anti-war protest, and campaigned for the rights of women, workers and the oppressed. As a construction carpenter she realised her heart was in promoting sustainable logging and preserving the two thousand year old forests of the North American Pacific coast.

In 1990 Judi initiated a law suit against the FBI after a car bomb almost killed her and passenger Darryl Cherney. The FBI insisted Judi had made the bomb and charged her with the explosion while she was still in hospital recovering from horrific injuries which left her permanently disabled. The blast followed just months after Judi and other Earth First! activists received anonymous death threats, possibly from pro-timber groups.

Mock EF! press releases condoning EF! violence also began circulating according to evidence collated in Bari's ongoing lawsuit against the FBI. When Judi reported threats to police they told her "when you turn up dead, then we'll investigate". Cherney has pledged to continue the FBI lawsuit. Kindred activist Betty Ball has credited Judi with attracting and encouraging more women to the previously male dominated Earth First! movement.