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Woe Zone

Massive ozone hole observed over the Arctic

6th April 2000 / Squall Download 4, May-June 2000, pg. 14.

An international group of scientists measuring the earth's Ozone layer have recorded a two third decrease in the earth's Ozone layer over the Arctic.

Caused by man made pollution, the losses mean that the Ozone layer over Europe - which protects the earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation will be thinner over the next few weeks leading to more of the kind of global warming which has been breaking up both Arctic and Antarctic iceshelves. The most dramatic ozone depletion occurs over the Antarctic, where British scientists observed a hole the size of the US and as deep as Everest in 1985. As reported last week on Underground update, the global warming subsequent to ozone depletion has caused the release of one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history. The latest ozone depletions come as a result of man made pollution nearly forty years ago and is sounding alarm bells for the future.

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