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Media Bloodlust - UEFA Puts The Boot In

Media lust fuels violence again

20th May 2000

The mainstream media lust for riot which foamed at the mouth most recently at the Mayday demonstrations in central London, was criticised again in the run up and aftermath of the recent UEFA Cup Final in Copenhagen.

UEFA, the governing body for European Football, said it would launch an investigation into trouble between Arsenal and Galatasaray fans but accused the media of gross exaggerations which inflamed the violence.

"Some reporters had seemingly come to Copenhagen not to cover the game itself, but to report on crowd disturbances and they exaggerated the gravity of the incidents," said UEFA's chief executive Gerhard Aigner.

National TV news in the UK broadcast extensive footage of street fighting in Copenhagen before and after Arsenal's disappointing performance in the UEFA cup final on May 17. The consequence was multiple street disturbances and smashing of kebab shops in and around Stoke Newington and Highbury in north London where a large Turkish community live in the vicinity of Arsenal's Highbury stadium. The atmosphere in the area has remained volatile and tense ever since.

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