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Banksy Street Show - flyer
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Jubilee Graffiti

Banksy presents latest work in illicit street showdown

25th May 2002

Prolific British graffiti artist, Banksy, is presenting a clandestine street show and party on Thursday May 30. The illicit show, subtitled 'Graffiti, Hostility and the Jubilee' will take place at an, as yet, unrevealed location in London.

Banksy's latest show follows a highly successful similar venture on Rivington Street, EC1 last year, when hundreds turned up to view a range of graffiti pieces, sprayed on the walls during the day.

The new show dishes up a multitude of topical queenie quips and royalty rip ups, and continues Banksy's affirmation that city walls make the best art galleries.

"White wall galleries are boring at the end of the day," Banksy told SQUALL. "They don't have the vital element of surprise. They're like a sign-post to a joke before it happens."

A range of new graffiti pieces will be unveiled at the secret location to the accompaniment of a sound system playing off the back of a truck. Banksy's new bookzine, 'Existencilism', will also be launched at the event. The first volume in this irregular and much lauded series of anecdotes and audacity sold 22,000 copies.

To find out where Banksy's latest soiree will take place simply register your interest at and the details will be forwarded to you on the day.

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