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Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie with fluorescent jacket in full view of Israeli bulldozer just moments before being crushed to death in cold blooded act of murder - Gaza Strip, 16th March 2003. Photo: ISM

Human Rights Activist Murdered By Israeli Soldier

Photographs corroborate witness testimonies of cold blooded murder

17th March 2003

An international solidarity activist has been killed by an Israeli bulldozer driver whilst attempting to prevent the demolition of a home belonging to a Palestinian family in Rafah on the Gaza Strip.

Twenty three year-old, Rachel Corrie from Washington in the US was a member of the International Solidarity Movement which helps co-ordinates the efforts of international activists to prevent human rights abuses against Palestinians.

On March 16 Rachel Corrie attempted to prevent a bulldozer from demolishing a home in the community where she was staying and was fatally crushed. The Israeli's issued a statement claiming Rachel had run out in front of the bulldozer suddenly and had given the driver no chance not to crush her. However, fellow activists present on the scene describe how Rachel was clearly visible in a fluorescent vest and that the driver was well aware she was there.

Onlookers watched in horror as the bulldozer drove over her and kept going even after she had disappeared under its shovel.

A series of photographs taken of the incident - viewable on the SQUALL Picture gallery - clearly corroborate the activists' testimonies.

Rachel Corrie was rushed to nearby Najjir Hospital but was pronounced dead from "skull and chest fractures".

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