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Fat Cat Frat Shack At Chateau du Lac

Annual meeting of capitalist elite takes place in secrecy in Belgium

15th June 2000

One of the world's most powerful organisations concluded its 48th annual conference at the beginning of June. The Bilderberg Group is a collection of some of the most influential men in the world, from high level politicians's and big bankers to corporation chiefs and media moguls.

The meeting, which takes place at a different location each year, brings together the giants of western capitalism to discuss global politics and strategies for cementing the establishment of western capitalism as the predominant global economic system.

This years meeting took place at the Chateau Du Lac Hotel in Brussels, Belgium between June 1-3 and as usual the location, agenda and existence of the meeting passed entirely unreported by mainstream media. Despite this the list of delegates attending the meeting reads like a list of the new world order hall of fame including the president of the World Bank and the Director general of the World Trade Organisation.

A multitude of corporate attendees included the heads of the Xerox Corporation, Fiat, Volvo, Novartis, Nokia, Shell and BP Amoco.

Politicians included the US Secretary of Energy, the prime minister of Finland, US senators, European commissioners and the Dutch queen. Bankers included the Governor of the Bank of Denmark and the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Media moguls included the Publisher of the Washington Post and the head of the Telegraph Group, whilst freelance movers and shakers included George Soros and Henry Kissinger.

All these and many more, and not a mention in any of Europe's mainstream press, radio or TV.

Last years meeting in Portugal was the first Bilderberg Group discussion which leaked into the public domain. Topics discussed last year include Globalisation and the cross border dismantling of welfare. Whilst we await any leakage from this year's meeting no one knows what was discussed.

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