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Eddie Gilfoyle Is Innocent

28th March 2000

A web site which carried information on many of the miscarriages of justice in the UK was closed down in February following pressure put on its internet service provider by the Police Federation.

The webmasters of the Portia site say they received a telephone call on Wednesday February 9 from their ISP, Webgenie Internet Ltd. A spokesman for the Webgenie Internet Ltd said: "They had suspended the site the previous day after a threatening letter from Russell, Jones and Walker, lawyers acting for the Police Federation. Who represent rank and file police officers in the UK They had already started legal action against a TV company and the makers of a Channel Four "Trial and Error" programme featuring the case of Eddie Gilfoyle."

This now makes it illegal in the UK to publicise the subject of this action.

The Portia website were hosting an article on Eddie Gilfoyle Campaign story called "Eddie Gilfoyle is Innocent". Portia say the letter from the lawyers demanded that the "Eddie Gilfoyle is Innocent" article be removed and a full apology displayed. It carried threats as to what would happen if they did not comply.

A spokesman for Webgenie Internet Ltd said that they are a small business of just 20 people, who along with their families, are dependant on the income this provides. They felt they could not fight the Police Federation a powerful organisation with a notorious court litigants with has millions at their disposal. Although they were sympathetic, Webgenie regretted that they were forced to suspend the "Portia" site. The situation raises serious concerns about freedom of information and expression on the web.

The Eddie Kilfoyle Campaign are asking everyone to support a fax action against the Police Federation, demanding that they withdraw the threat of legal action against Webgenie Internet Ltd.

Address your protests to: Police Federation General Secretary Jeff Moseley Fax: 0181-390-2249 or outside the UK 00-44-181-390-2249 Phone: 0181-399-2224 or outside the UK 00-44-181-399-2224 Fax a copy of your protest to: The Home Secretary Jack Straw 0171-273-3965 or outside the UK 00-44-171-273-3965 E-mail a copy of anything you send to:

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