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Drug Company Tests On Left-Wingers

French drug company in advanced employee scrutiny

18th February 2000 / Squall Download 3, March/April 2000, pg. 10.

A leading French pharmaceutical company has been exposed for vetting the left wing sensibilities of prospective employees

Servier, Frances third largest drugs company with an annual turnover of £900 million, uses ex-members of the French intelligence services (DST and DGSE) to gather information necessary to weed out non-whites, gays, Jews and anyone with the merest hint of left wing sensibility, with every job applicant required to fill in a detailed form with personal details.

According to a retired army colonel and former employee of the Servier: "That gives the investigators a good start. If any of the brothers or sisters or parents are teachers, for example, that could indicate leftist sympathies." Leaked documents reveal that a German woman was hired by the company because "her family's origins are military and aristocratic" whilst a Swiss woman was turned down because her husband was African. In this latter case the document states: "This black, who was able to enter Switzerland thanks to the marriage has not been marked by civilisation".

The National Commission on Freedom and Data in France alleges that the company has 50,000 dossiers relating to job candidates' sexuality and are currently in the process of determining whether the Servier can be taken to court for illegal practice.