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Scant resistance to draconian Terrorism Bill

16th March 2000

The new Terrorism Bill currently rushing its way through parliament is perhaps the most liberty-corrosive piece of legislation in living memory. And yet with mainstream media doped to, or indeed in favour of, its dire social consequences, opposition to it's the alarmingly draconian measures contained in the Bill is coming almost solely from grass roots activists and just a few socially aware legal professionals.

Brighton: Activists have opened a squatted café and information centre to spread word of the Bill. The centre officially opened on Sat March 4 and will remain open from 3pm everyday until March 18. The café is at 49, Cheltenham Place, Brighton. Details 07720 486 124.

Newcastle: The Tyneside Network Against the Terrorism Bill will hold a day of action on March 27. They are meeting at the grave of one of the women suffragettes, Emily Davison, in Morpeth at 9am, from where they will walk 15 miles to Newcastle town centre stopping at the City Council Offices, the Police Station and the statue of radical late 19th century newspaper editor, Joseph Cowan (founder of the Newcastle Chronicle). Details from Leicester: Public meeting & debate on March 23, 7.30pm Secular Hall.

London: A major demonstration is being planned for April 30th.

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