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Tony Blair serves children from behind a McDonalds burger bar in Coventry 1998
Tony Blair serves children from behind a McDonalds burger bar in Coventry 1998
Photo: Tom Pilston

Blobbies On The Beat

British police get told to eat at McDonald's

20th September 2002

Police chiefs in Birmingham have begun issuing McDonald's vouchers to their officers in a drive to get more beat bobbies to eat in burger bars. The move, which is soon to be mimiced in other areas of the UK, is described as the best way for the public to see more of their beat officers.

Birmingham Police chiefs argue that if the general public see local police officers in McDonald's they will feel safer on the streets. Police forces in nearby West Bromwich are also encouraging their officers to take meal breaks in local burger bars and public places.

The British government has given its backing to the schemes and says its wants to encourage more of them throughout the UK, despite recent warnings from the Department of Health that increasing levels of obesity in UK were due to an over consumption of burgers and other fast food. Last month, a 123kg (19st 6lb) man began a legal action against McDonald's and three other fast food chains, claiming they were responsible for his obesity.

However, the McDonald's Corporation will undoubtedly welcome the extra custom afforded by an endorsement from British police forces given that their share price in the US fell to a seven year low this month. Responding to unexpectedly poor results in Europe, a McDonald's executive stated "our marketing messages in (Britain and Germany) did not resonate as well with consumers as we had hoped".

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