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Banksy Buffs Bag Bargains

Graffiti artist pulls off clandestine gallery showing on a London street.

15th June 2000

Art activist and conscious graffiti merchant, Banksy, held an impromptu gallery meeting in London at the end of May.

Banksy's brazen approach to conscious imagery has included subversive messages and images graffitied inside Regents Park Zoo and on the steps to the Tate Gallery.

Via his website at the Bristolian born artist advertised a gallery session but kept the location hidden until the last minute. Interested parties were encouraged to await an e-mail revealing the location. A large number of people turned up in Rivington Street London EC1 on May 31 to find the walls of the street lined with items of Banksy's graffiti each accompanied with a number. Signed originals of his work could be ordered accordingly.

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