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A City On Fire

Communique from Antoinette, a British activist who has remained in Baghdad as part of the international human shield initiative.

21st March 2003

"Palaces blown up, fire balls and smoke, and lots of explosions that rock the building. I cannot reach your mobiles. Big bangs! Wow. I was in an elevator, and got out quick, ran up the stairs to join our friends. I'm not going to bunkers, no way. We went to the roof - Bea and Rory and Philip and me - a secret way, since we got kicked off last night. Rory started shouting, You Fucking Bastards! I have my windows taped, and my bed is in place as a bunker. Now, we just have to relax, as sleep will not happen. I got so angry, I could feel something about to happen, but could find no one - called all their rooms. So poor Francoise took the brunt of my fury I saw a lot of the city today. An ugly city. Beautiful children . Iraqis are lovely to us. Bless all. We do our best and it's all we can do, yes? The war never ended - yet has not really begun.

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