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“Get Lost - You’re From The Daily Mail”

Squall 9, Jan/Feb 1995, pg. 6.

One of the classic incidences of the Brightlingsea live animal export demonstrations occurred in January when a group of middle-aged local people on the protest front-line were being interviewed by a reporter from the Independent.

Coming over to nestle in on the conversation, came another reporter from that most politically pre-agenda’d of all national newspapers, the Daily Mail.

“Hello, I’m from the Daily Mail,” he said, sure of his social standing amidst the folk in the group.

But it seems as if a little exposure to the realities of heavy policing and political reticence, changes cosy impressions. One of the group turned to the Mail’s reporter telling him to “get lost”.

“You’ve been lying to us for 30 years,” she continued. “We’re not talking or listening to you again.”