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Government Dept Claims Squatters Rights

Squall 7, Summer 1994, pg. 9.

Irony of ironies as the Criminal Justice Bill winds through the parliamentary houses. Section 6 notices, used by squatters and road protesters, are now being used by none other than a Government department and a road construction company.

After bringing a tea wagon and portaloo on to the site where 100 trees were to be felled for the construction of a motorway link between the M65, the M61 and M6, the Government and Tarmac Construction company claimed squatters rights to the land in order to thwart road protesters in the area.

The section 6 notices they hung on the surrounding trees read: “TAKE NOTICE THAT we live in these premises and the adjoining land and it is our home and we intend to stay here.... signed The Occupiers. The Department of Transport and Tarmac Construction.”

Unbelievable but true!