Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

Night Mayor Kept Neighbours Awake

Noise pollution squad collars Mayor and committee chairman

Squall Download 2, Dec-1999/Jan-2000, pg. 7.

The Mayor of Crewkerne in Somerset was among the guests at a party visited by the local council's environmental pollution department in October. The council’s anti-noise squad received a complaint about a raucous party at 1.15am on Sunday morning and set out to break it up. Upon arriving at the party location, however, they discovered Mike Best the town's mayor and Hilary Leamon, chairman of the council's noise abatement committee, celebrating the 50th birthday of one of the councillors’ husband with three live bands and several barrels of beer.

An exasperated Jacqui Sevell, Crewkerne’s town clerk, quit after claiming the party didn’t even have an alcohol licence. “I took this job to try to make things happen in this town,” she complained. “It is obviously a complete waste of time. I have had enough.”