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MP Amiss As PC’s Take The Piss

Ex-Tory minister fails new drug test

Squall Download 1, Oct/Nov 1999, pg. 5.

Ex-Home Office minister and Tory MP David McLean has failed a voluntary drug test he took whilst visiting the Police Superintendents’ Association conference in September.

McLean, who as Michael Howard’s side-kick during the last Tory government once described Cannabis smokers as “inadequate weedy souls”, volunteered a urine sample to demonstrate his support for new drug testing equipment. Much to the embarrassment of both himself and the police officers around him, he failed the test when traces of opiates were found in the sample.

The right wing hard-liner claimed that codeine headache tablets he had taken the night before must be responsible. Police said they would be conducting a more vigorous test in an attempt to clear his name.