Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall Download 6

Squall Download 6

Sept/Oct 2000 (11 pages, A5) 

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The State It's In - the Free The Spirit Festival / Prague WB/IMF Summit / Gil Scott Heron / OTT policing at UK festival / UK local newspaper giant tries to prevent employment rights / Protest against GM crop trials / Smoky Bears Picnic / plus more...


The State It's In - Editorial
- From the ashes….. the spirit of free festivals rises.

The Revolution Will Be Funky
- Mike Powers interviews legendary poet and precursor to rap and hip-hop Gil Scott Heron

GM Trial Crop Action
- Genetically modified maize trial crop in Dorset is trashed

Surge In GM Resistance
- New legal challenge could force public consultation on GM crops.

Toker Trouble
- Police, sniffer dogs and toupes at Smokey Bears picnic

Potent Mixture Brewing In Prague
- Prague gears up for clash of the ruinous suits and the righteous kids

What The Papers Won't Let NUJ Say
- UK local newspaper giant tries to prevent new employment rights

Frontline Communique: Severn Revels
- Over-the-top policing at Gloucestershire family festival