Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall Download 4

Squall Download 4

May/June 2000 (24 pages, A5) 

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Mayday Guerilla Gardening at Parliament Square / Smoke Signals - Cannabis Debate / Sgt Pepper Terrorist Photo / Nestle Babymilk / Kowtowing To The Chinese / Corporate Influence On Scientific Research / Cancer Spray Used By Police In Seattle / Cambridge Two Jailed / Exodus latest / WB/IMF Protests in Washington DC / Climate Change / U'wa tribal land in Columbia threatened by US oil drilling // and much more...


Digging At The Roots Of Capitalism
- Guerilla Gardening in Pariliament Square on Mayday

The State It's In - Smoke Signals
- The cannabis debate comes to the boil

Park Peppered With Terrorists
- Activists re-enact the famous Beatles album cover to protest against the upcoming Terrorism Bill

Nestlé Spoonfeed Makes Campaigners Sick
- Child care conference accepts Nestlé sponsorship

Colonel Smack To Be Banged Up?
- US army colonel admits to involvement in heroin smuggling from Columbia

Pilgrims Progess Cancelled
- Christians lose out to Oxford Street shoppers

Kowtowing To The Chinese
- Foreign Office instructed police to go heavy pro-Tibet protestors

Letter To The McLibel Campaign from Jello Biafra

Bad Science Disease
- Government scientific advisers riddled with corporate connections

Cancer Spray
- Tear gas used by Seattle Police against anti-WTO protesters last November is found to contain carcinogen

U'Wa Two Tell Of Gore's Oxy Morons
- Two members of Colombia's U'wa tribe to tour US and Europe raising awareness about oil drilling on their ancestral land 

Vaticancer Radio
- Vatican attempts to thwart cancer investigation into its communications transmitters in northern Rome

Woe Zone
- International scientists record massive decrease in the Ozone layer over the Arctic 

No Comfort For Cambridge Two
- Two social workers still in jail for not ‘grassing up’ their homeless clients to the police.

Praise From The Lord
- Lord Andrew Howland, the Marquess of Tavistock's son and estate manager, decided to enter into negotiations with Exodus

Frontline Communique: Knuckleheads With Nightsticks At 20th and 1st
Si Mitchell reports back from the streets of Washington DC during the World Bank/IMF Summit protests

Gaia's Slap - Atmosfear In The 21st Century
- Sixty one British meteorological records broken over the last 20 years, climate change and global warming are cause for major concern