Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall Download 2

Squall Download 2

December 1999/January 2000 (24 pages, A5) 

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The State It's In: Blanking The Organic / Freemasons / Trident Ploughshares three acquitted / Exodus Collective / McLibel Sue Met Commissioner / McLibel - Still Getting Grilled / GM Foods / Trade Offish - WTO facing protests at Seattle / RTS submit complaint and more...


The State It's In - Blanking The Organic (Blair's Britain Only Slightly Soiled)
- Farming in Britain being crushed by neo-liberalism and corporate agro-technologies

Rentamob Invade City
- Pro-hunt group threatens J18-type violence

Is This Your Card Sir?
- New driving licenses form first step to ID cards

Exercise Leads To Open Eyes
- Scientists say activity is good for the mind

Night Mayor Kept Neighbours Awake
- Noise pollution squal collars Mayor and committee chairman

Portillo Cruise Give Chelsea Blues
- Council estate gets spring clean for Portillo's electioneering visit

Codpiece Could Be Dangerous
- Warning from dietary body over contaminated UK fish

Bowing To The Brotherhood
- Government back-down on Freemasons

McTwo Sue Man In Blue
- McLibel Two sue Met Commissioner

Drug Czar Rebuffed As Dutch Call Bluff
- US drugs czar chased out of London college

Trust Goes Greener To Make Farms Cleaner
- National Trust insists on more organic approach to farming

All 'Beef' Patties Make Brits Euro Fatties
- National Audit Office reveal record UK obesity

TP Three Go Scot Free
- Ploughshares women force another extraordinary court precedent

US Glitz Steals A March On UK
- Americana to flood London streets

Uncivil Verdict Favours Monsanto
- Appeal judges overule right to full trial for injuncted activists

Half Steppers Sayeed Step With Doorstep
- Exodus Collective defeat last minute attempt to evict farm

Frontline Communique - Trident Computers Go Overboard in Loch Goil
- three Trident Ploughshares activists are acquitted of causing criminal damage to a laboratory at Faslane nuclear naval base

Still Getting Grilled
- The latest from McLibel, the longest-running legal trial of any kind in English history

Trade Offish
- Activists are achieving unprecedented success in redefining globalisation as a dirty word - as the World Trade Organisation attempts to improve its public image

AFCEA Arms Trade Disrupted
- Anti-Arms Trade protesters disrupt AFCEA Arms Fair near Heathrow.

Tarmac Dissenters Attack Hack 'Inventors'
- RTS submit Press Complaints' Commission complaint about Sunday Times allegations that they were stockpiling weapons