Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall Download 1

Squall Download 1

October/November 1999 (20 pages, A5) 

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BAe and genocide in East Timor / Exodus update / Masons resist parliamentary scrutinyBritish nuclear fuels in Japan / 2nd PGA gathering in Bangalore / DSEI arms fair 1999 and Britain's Arms industry / plus more...


The State It's In - Indoamnesia
- BAe and genocide in East Timor

Straw Jacks Up Smack Facts
- Jack Straw 'off his head' on heroin

MP Amiss As PC's Take The Piss
- Ex-Tory minister fails new drug test

More Protest Looming Where Business Is Kabooming
- Activist block government-backed arms fair

Exodus In Talks With Bedfordshire Landowner
- For possible raves on aristrcrat's land.

Western Waste Fuels East Explosion
- Japan receives UK nuclear fuel a week before worst nuclear power accident

Have You Been Fframed
- police photo database of protesters following J18

Feds 'fess Up The Flaming Fanatics
- FBI admit pyrotechnics at Waco

Copper Chopper Helps Hunt Stoppers
- Hunt sabs prevent first Essex Mink Hunt

Aorta Attack
- Ministerial confusion as Britain heads fast-food guzzler league

Guidelines On Herb Haile Controversial
- Judge ye not the rasta and the herb

Select Committee Slams Secret Society
- Freemasons drag heels on public declaration

Frontline Communique - Fukushima, Japan
- photographer Nick Cobbing sends back report from Greenpeace action in Japan against nuclear fuel waste.

Bangin' In Banga
- Jon Towne reports back from the 2nd Peoples' Global Action gathering in Bangalore, in the Indian state of Karnataka

Death Inc: Weapons Technology For The Third Millenium
- DSEI arms fair 1999 and Britain's Arms industry