Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 16

Squall 16

'Playing The Joker'

Summer 1998 (52pp tabloid)

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The State It's In / Ecstasy Testing Kits / Anti-GM Genetix actions / National Protest Round-up / Nike Sweatshop Labour / GAndALF three freed / Menwith Hill / Brickhurst Farm Permaculture / Pro-hunting Countryside Alliance March / Action at Hillgrove Farm vivisection lab / Round-up of Anti-G8 marches / Freemasons / Exodus run-in with Freemasons / Testimony From Masons / Aboriginal communities in Western Australia / first Peoples' Global Action gathering, Geneva / Voices from PGA gathering / Greenbelt Housing / reviews, letters, contacts and more.


The State It's In - editorial from Squall HQ - page 4.


Space - The Final Frontier
Andy Johnson examines the controversial issue of house-building on green belt land. - page 16

Fashion Victims
Suzie Fenn investigates Nike's involvement in the exploitation of workers in Indonesia and China. - page 17

Gandalf freed after spell in prison
At a cost of over £4m and involving MI5, the Canadian Mounties, 55 separate police raids, Public Immunity Certificates, an ex-military judge and an Italian connection. This is the case of the Gandalf Three. Gibby Zobel reports. page - 18

The Hills Have Ears
Ally Fogg investigates the history of Menwith Hill telecommunications spy base, a piece of America in the North Yorkshire countryside. - page 20

Sow Far Sow Good
Georgia Wisbey reports on how its done permaculture style at Brickhurst Farm in Kent. - page 22

The Countryside Corralled
Jim Carey investigates the landed interests behind the environmentally-unfriendly Countryside Alliance. - page 24

Fur Flies At Cat Demo
Photojournalist Andrew Testa attended the anti-vivisection demo at Oxfordshire's Hillgrove Farm on World Day for Laboratory Animals. - page 26

Resistance Allstars vs Globe Rotters
This May the temperature rose on streets across the globe in protest against the G8 Summit and WTO 50th Anniversary - page 28

Boyz In The 'Hood
Peter Panatone reports on recent moves to get Masonic police to declare their allegiances, - page 30

Lodging Complaints
Peter Panatone investigates the Exodus Collective's run-in with the Freemasons of Bedfordshire, - page 33

Testimony Of A Top Ranking Freemason
A 33rd degree Mason breaks cover. - page 36

Dream Land
Sam Wild visited Aboriginal communities in Western Australia to find out if new hopes mean the Outback is back. - page 40

Globalised Resistance
The first Peoples Global Action conference in Geneva in February 1998 and the international neo-liberalism they are up against. Report by Gibby Zobel. - page 43.

Heard World
Gibby Zobel and friends attended the Peoples Global Action conference in Geneva and talked to a host of worldwide activists. - page 44

News And Other Busyness

Torture Tactics - police getting increasingly heavy-handed with protesters
Test Proves Positive - drug activists launch ecstasy testing kits in Brixton.
Dan Dares - Disabled peoples' direct action network protest
McLibel Two Take Second Bite - Dave Morris and Helen Steel are off to the Court of Human Rights to appeal
UNGASS - The Bogeymen - Campaign groups fear that this year’s UN Assembly on Drugs will miss opportunities and deepen mis understandings.
Chalets Shall Stay
- Holtsfield community in South Wales wins right to stay
Life On The Edge
- CJA has turned travellers into criminals
Exodus Enquiry Blocked - public enquiry into police malevolence against Exodus blocked
Social Exclusion Unit Visit Exodus - Govt unit examines initiatives for unemployed youth by Exodus
A Bird In The Hand - Big Issue editor John Bird to stand for Mayor of London
Druids Free To Celebrate At Stonehenge - police and English Heritage to allow summer solstice access this year
McLibel Goes CD
- the whole of mcspotlight to go out on CD-ROM
Cars Get In The Way Of New Homes - new reports says too much urban space is given over to parking
Meatheads Slug It Out - the two burger behemoths to battle it out
Cook Admits British Riot Gear Used In Indonesia - Foreign Secretary Robin Cook admits Suharto goons used British arms equipment against rioters.
UK Atmos. Fear - UK childhood asthma worst in the world
Activists Blockade BP Refinery
- anti-oil industry action at Essex oil refinery
No Tax Please, We're British - North Sea oil is the lowest taxed oil in the world
Latin Lessons Left Unlearned - PR and back-slapping as BP attend Colombian conference
Genetix Produces Summer Snowball - resistance is growing to genetically modified food
SHAG Poo Poo Monsanto - anti-genetics action at Monsanto's High Wycombe HQ
Weeding Out Bad Genes - Monsanto breaks genetic rules
National Breakdown - round-up of ecological direct action protests across the country including Crystal Palace, Ashton Court, Dead Woman's Bottom, Derby and Reclaim The Streets street parties
Rat In The Kitchen - striking workers at the Magnet factory in Darlington are finally offered an inadequate settlement.
Stitched Up In Critchley - denial of union rights in South Wales factory leads to strike and sackings

International News And Other Busyness

Global Pledges For Free Tibet? - international support builds for Tibet
Something Fishy At Mitsubishi - after they win US Greenwash award
US Navy Sinks To New Depths - sonar weapon experiments conducted on whales and dolphins
Flying Dutchmen Grounded - anti-aviation protester lock-on to plane
Rotten To The Core - Apple computers drop Dalai Lama in advertising
Jets, Lies And Video Scrape - red-faced CBS news-readers caught acting on-air
Rootsman Vs Routesman - Tasmanian activist has world's first tree-top web site
Trainstopping - The Sequel - more protests in Germany against nuclear waste trains


The Voice Of Treason - Mark Kelly - page 19.

Squotes - page 28.

Reviews - page 46-48.
Copse - The Cartoon Book Of Tree Protesting - Kate Evans
No Boundaries: New Travellers On The Road (Outside Of England) - Alan Dearling
Diggers & Dreamers 98/99: The Guide To Communal Living

In-Sites - websites review by Annette Hed - page 48.

Contacts - page 50.