Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 13

Squall 13

'Out After Curfew'

Summer 1996 (68 PP tabloid)

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The State It's In / Raving in Bosnia with Desert StormMI5 and environmental activism / Anti-terrorist policing against protesters /  Pirate Radio / Fox Hunting / All Systems sound system/ McDonald's and RainforestsNoise Bill / Ploughshares women smash Hawk Jets / Licencing Parties / Centre for Alternative Technology / Mick Marlow - Cannabis cultivator / Refugee Squatters / CS Gas / Newbury / Howard's prison regime / Lofty Tones / Tibet / letters, regulars and more.


The State It's In - editorial: Fear is the most prevalent form of social control - page 4.


Unleashing The Spies
Jim Carey reviews the implications of allowing MI5 and the antiterrorist squad to carry out surveillance on environmental protestors.
- page 16

Green Terrorism?
With the forthcoming involvement of MI5 in the surveillance of environmental protest, Neil Goodwin points out some sobering parallels with the fabrication of evidence against Earth First! in the US.
- page 18

Gobbling The Rainforest
New evidence presented during the McLibel trial strengthens allegations that the McDonald's Corporation is implicated in the destruction of tropical rainforest. Jim Carey reports.
- page 20

Quangoes The Environment
The creation of the new Environment Agency super-quango sees vested interests manoeuvre their way into the top positions. Jim Carey reports.
- page 21

Animal Warfare
Jim Carey investigates the hunting lobby's involvement in attempts to disempower the RSPCA.
- page 22

Desperately Seeking Asylum
An unusual alliance between the squatters and the church is putting a roof over the heads of homeless refugees. Sam Beale reports.
- page 24

Substance Abuse
CS gas is about to be widely introduced in Britain as a new police weapon. Shaun Trevesick reviews the history of a dangerous chemical.
- page 26

Howard Turns The Screws
Andy Johnson speaks to imprisoned animal activist Keith Mann about the changes in prison conditions resulting from Michael Howard's austerity drive.
- page 28

Poverty Knocks
Jim Paton renders a forceful reply to those who would have us believe we live in a country run as a meritocracy where poverty is only a degree of relative affluence.
- page 30

Aggracultural Trespass
Squatters occupy wasteland at Wandsworth on the Thames owned by Guinness.
- page 32

The Essential Yes
The Centre for Alternative Technology is an interactive example of positive solutions. Paul Allen affirms the need to say yes to sustainability.
- page 33

Hawks And Doves
Andrea Needham writes from her prison cell on why she smashed up a Hawk aircraft with a hammer.
- page 34

Growing Pains
Sam Beale interviews Mick Marlow, recently jailed for writing a book on cannabis cultivation.
- page 36

Radio Pirates
Ursula Wills-Jones tunes into Manchester's pirate radio culture.
- page 38

Storm'in The Desert
Thinking beats might be a medicine for war-weary feet, Glasgow sound system Desert Storm took their rig to Bosnia and found an enthusiastic dance floor. Ally Fogg interviews the ambassadors. Jo Marshall describes the drive.
- page 40

All Systems Are Go
Midlands-based free party sound systems come together to create the All Systems Go underground dance. Jez Tucker speaks to the component parts of this collective dance stance.
- page 42

Have You Got A Licence?
Tim Malyon examines how the licencing system is used against parties and festivals, and offers a few useful loopholes.
- page 45

Noise Bill
New legislation is about to put criminal sanctions on playing music in your home.
- page 46

The Newbury Sausage
Neil Goodwin writes an abridged diary of the Third Battle of Newbury.
- page 48


News and Other Busyness

Tribal Gathering
- fooling the dancers
Exodus Under Fire
- multiple arson attacks and police inaction to find cuprits
Show Us An Ankle - Luton councillor obstructs Exodus Collective
Drugs Death Not Ecstasy - Ecstasy wrongly blamed for party-goer's death
Business Acknowledges Environment Lobby - green shoots of growth for the greenwash industry
Police Violence After Islamic Festival
- young Asian student loses eye in police attack after Muslim festival
British Aerospace Brainwashing - arms company to invest in education in key export markets
US Candidate Advocates End Of Welfare - the Republican wet dream
Ministers Veto Low Impact Solutions
- low impact communities appealing against planning permission refusals
Aggravated Press Pass
- journalists arrested under the CJA
Ten Years For Animal Rights Activist
- completely flawed case sees Dave Callender imprisoned.
More Women Behind Bars - steep rise in numbers of female prisoners
McDonald's Set New Targets Of Domination - fast food giant plans to double in size
Heroin 'Drug Of Choice' In Prisons - due to random drug testing
Personal Details For Sale - database of social security claimants could be sold to advertisers
What Is It With Grocers' Daughters?
- 'homes for votes' scandal in Westminster
Gypsys In Huge Libel Struggle - animosity between various Gypsy organisations and the National Gypsy Council to go to court.
Drugs Companies To Sponsor Nurses - creeping privatisation of the NHS

Road Rage

Highway Hold-Up
- Reclaim The Streets invite you to this summer's festival of resistance
"Judas Rope" - conflict within the climbers community against those who worked to evict Newbury protesters
Climbers Use Torture Tactics On M66 - potentially lethal tactics used to evict protesters at camps in Manchester
Roads To Ruin
- over 240 road-building projects to go ahead despite protests
Air Campaigners Expose Manchester Hypocrisy - Fresh Air Now! fight Manchester Council

International SQUALL

Increasing Oppression In Tibet
- Tim Malyon reports on the latest Chinese crackdown on the Tibetan people.

Famine On The Roof Of The World
- Freak weather conditions have caused famine in Eastern Tibet. Tim Malyon reports.

Mongolian Steppe Ablaze
- Fires in Mongolia ravage nomadic communities
Chinese Pressed To Halt Nuclear Tests - Greenpeace go to China demanding an end to nuclear testing

Chernobyl Revisited?
- On the anniversary of the disaster Mel Gunasena joins an international women's vigil at a Lithuanian reactor of the same type.

Mark Kelly - comedian and poet - page 13.

News of the Skews - ITV's 'Expert Witness' and its grossly inaccurate portrayal of animal activist Keith Mann - page 14.

Actors of Parliament - the latest hot air from the house - page 15.

Consultation Exorcise - The Asylum and Immigration Bill - page 27.

Top Ten Free Party Tunes - page 47.

Lofty Tones - Tony Allen, Global Village Idiot, surfs the net - page 56.

Netrogressive - top sites and shite sites - a guide to the internet by Ben Schneider - page 57.

Jewel in the Mud Award - Channel 4's 'Dispatches' programme on the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher & John Pilger on dissenting journalism - page 58.

Reviews - books, music & video - page 60-63.
Senseless Acts Of Beauty, George McKay, review by Ally Fogg
Undercurrents 5 - direct action video, review by Neil Goodwin
Squatters Handbook - 10th Editon is out - don't crack a place without it

Letters - page 64-66.
To Rave Or Riot - Exodus Reply - letter to Squall from the Exodus Collective
Wally Hope: Man Or Martyr? - letters from Nigel Ayers and Penny Rimbaud in response to the article Wally Hope: A Victim Of Ignorance in Squall 11.

Contacts - page 67.