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Squall 11

Squall 11

'Stoke It Up'

Autumn 1995 (88pp tabloid) 

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McMammon: McLibel special / Female DJs / Job Seekers Allowance / Newbury / Tinkers Bubble / UN Sound system / Wally Hope / Tan Hill Fayre / Reclaim The Streets / European Romani / Beggars / Mumia Abu-Jamal / Exodus / Holtsfield / Opencast mining / Kenyan nomads / Artillery Mansions and MacNaughton House / Cool Tan / Jack Straw as parrot / squatting / letters, regulars and more.


2. The State It's In - A view from SQUALL central
The State is attacking traveller and festival culture by trying to destroy the alternative economy which underpins it.

News Shorts and Other Busyness

CND Arrest Update

Mawhinney Looks For Young Activists
More Anti-Party Legislation In The Pipeline

Traveller's Tax Relief
Dramatic Rise In Number Of Juveniles Imprisoned On Remand
New Database On Police Malpractice
ID Cards And The 'Redneck Tendency'
New Police Caution Is Not Understood
Stop And Search Of Black People On The Increase

Scapegoating Birds With Bullets
Ozone Hole Doubles In A Year!
Festival Welfare Services
King Arthur Gives It Some In Court

Twyford Down Land 'Given Away' To Public School
Hulme Travellers Fight On
First CJA Conviction For Trespassory Assembly
Contaminated Ecstasy Blamed For Deaths
First CJA Squatting Case Collapses
Fox Hunters Seek Public Money
Travellers Triumph In Court

Black Moon Sound System - Fall Guys For The Mother
Prodigy Jilt The Jilted

Social Security To Hire Private Debt Collectors
National Lottery Making Poor People Poorer
Long Live The King Of Trees
Water Profits And Prices Go Up

More Red Faces At Group 4
Arms Fair Protest
Mammonchester United FC
More Bull Than Stake
Housing Charity To Gamble On Money Market
Tories In The Red

Unemployment Benefit Doled Out At Local Rates
Jobs For The Boyds

Local Authorities Against ID Cards... Except True Blue Wandsworth
Westminster Council Scandal Grows
Britain Gets Fatter
Rise In Prison Sentences For Fine Defaulters
Legal Aid Cuts Against Human Rights

Secrets Of The Lobbying Process
Commoners Reject Cash For Land
Michael Howard Back In Court
Single Parent Benefit To Go
Shell's New PR Team Get To Work

Legal Defence

Cyclists Win The Plottery
Pedal For The Planet Delayed After Accident
Masons, Cyberspace And Gifted Anarchsts

17. Actors of Parliament
Our regular look at hamming in the House of Commons

18. Actors of Parliament - Special
Jack Straw is a well-known seeker of self-publicity - we give it to him

19. There's A Parrot In The Dustbin
Seamus Wino on the not so pretty boy in the Shadow Home Office (that'll be Jack Straw again).

20. News Of The Skews
Our regular look at national media skew-whiffery

22. The Mother, The Bill And The Bookshops
Ally Fogg notes Hampshire police’s sudden over-interest in political activism around the Mother of all Parties weekend in mid-July 1995, but also extending to several bookshop and house raids and more...

23. Ancient Royal Charter Vs Criminal Justice Act
Heather James reports on this year's Tan Hill Fayre near Winchester - an attempt to re-establish our ancient right to celebrate traditional country fayres

24. Tinkers Bubble
The DoE recommends that the low-impact dwellers of Tinkers Bubble be given a chance - John Gummer wants them evicted

25. The Problem With Planning
Simon Fairlie argues the case for more consideration for low-impact dwellers

27. Holtsfield - A Community Under Threat
A small south Wales community faces eviction from developers Paul O’Connor and Mel Gunasena report

28. Wally Hope - A Victim Of Ignorance
Neil Goodwin tells the story of the life and death of one of the founders of the Stonehenge Free Festival

30. To Rave Or To Riot?
How the Luton riots were quelled by dance - Jim Carey finds a different way of expressing dissent with the Exodus Collective

33. The Lutonites And The Planners Of Babylon
The Exodus Collective’s latest proposals have pitched them against those who hold the local planning reigns - exposures follow

34. The Lutonites And The Plotters Of Babylon
The latest state of play in the Exodus Collective’s long and eventful march towards justice

36. Sisters On The Decks
Debbie Shaw looks at the increasing numbers of female DJs battling to get their tunes on the twin-decks

37. Mizbehaviour In The House
Spotlight on female DJ Mizbehaviour

38. Consultation Excorcise
Andy Johnson reports on the wide-ranging opposition to the nightmare of the Job Seekers Allowance

41. Prisoners
Mark Skelly, Jim Chambers and Stuart Edwards

42. Press Play
Monica Garnsey reviews Undercurrents 3, Conscious Cinema and ‘Life in the fast lane’ by Neil Goodwin

43. Conscious Cinema
Andy Johnson taps into the philosophies of the newest video activists

McMammon Special:

SQUALL shines a spotlight on McDonald's and the mighty stance taken by two activists who refused to back down - Jim Carey on the trail

44. Outing the Corporation
Deflating the corporate religion

45. The Motives Behind The Mask
The evidence on diet and deception - children identified as “virgin marketing ground”

45. The Diary Of A Stance
A timeline of the McLibel story going back a decade

49. Burger Bulldozing
Community vs trans-national corporation

50. Climbing Mountains
Talking to the heretics - the McLibel Two interviewed

54. The End of Capitulation
Critics of McDonald’s have been silenced through fear - perhaps now free speech may be rescued from its coffin

For the full list of Squall articles about the McLibel Trial click here

56. Opencast Mining
Ursula Wills-Jones looks at the implications of the high-profit low- employment replacement to deep pit mining

57. Michael Heseltine: "Freemarket Nimby"
Entrepreneurs recently investigated the possibilities of an opencast mine in Hezza’s back garden. Johnny Minor tells it from the inside

Road Wars

58. Reclaiming the Street Politic
Andy Johnson lets the tape roll on a Reclaim the Streets brainstorm

61. Newbury Bypass: Battle-lines Drawn
Ian Freeman introduces the contesters in the Third Battle of Newbury

62. Road Wars Round-Up
Briefs and updates from around the anti-road movement

Green Mania
The last stand for the long-running No M11 Link Rd protest is finally evicted

Wells Relief Road
Protesters digger-dive and stop work on road

End Of The Road For M-Way Construction
Road protesters are winnng the argument


International SQUALL

64. European Romani
Nobody’s problem: everybody’s scapegoat - Sam Beale investigates the hatred targetted against travelling communities

67. Begging Questions
The current political novelty of viewing beggars as social detritus is a phenomenon the UK shares with France - Sam Beale

68. Muma Abu Jamal - Voice Of The Voiceless
Black journalist on death row in US - Eileen Kinsman examines the evidence of a gross miscarriage of justice

70. Tribal People Dammed
The occupants of the Narmada Valley in Northern India have been evicted to make way for a mega-dam. Sam Beale reports

71. Bender Culture
Tim Malyon visits nomadic pastoralists in Kenya who rely on co-operation and mutual assistance.

Rough Streets Initiative

Two personal accounts of street-level attempts to help street homelessness in London
MacNaghten House - by Jerry Ham, manager of a homeless hostel in London
Artillery Mansions
- by Jim Carey, one of a team of squatters and rough-sleepers assembled by necessity to find housing in a building in central Westminster

76. CoolTan: Past, Present, Future
Four years of grass-roots culture and a future land - by Shane Collins

77. Gross Misconduct In Hackney
Sam Beale talks to a man barred from his local authority job because he’s thought to be a squatter

78. Stealing Back The Parkway
Andy Johnson meets the sound system raising eyebrows and energy in Camden

80. Squatting Is Still Legal - necessary and free
Myk - from the Advisory Service for Squatters - details the changes in the law affecting squatters

81. Councils To Publish Squat Lists Shock
Jim Paton tells of the blessings woven from the CJA curse

81. ASS Birthday Appeal
The Advisory Service for Squatters is 20 years old! and still going strong

82. Lofty Tones
Regular column from Tony Allen ‘Global Village Idiot’

83. Jewel In The Mud Award
‘Life of strife in the fast lane’ by Jay Griffiths - this issue’s gem in the media mud

84. Netrogressive
Ben Schneider and his regular column for internet itinerants

85. Letter from New Zealand
Glyn Walters - South Pacific Greenpeace Press Officer writes of the international radioactive heat over French nuclear tests

86. The Post Bag - Letters To SQUALL
Eating The City
Vox Populi On The Tip
Clark Defender
Doing The Demos

87. Contacts