Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 10

Squall 10

'Sowing The Seeds'

'Magazine for Sorted Itinerants'
Summer 1995 (52pp tabloid)

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The State It's In / Job Seekers Allowance / Amsterdam squatters / Travellers under pressure with CJA / Hulme Estate / The Culture Cash-in On Raves And Festivals / Riot Police violence against road protestors / Squatters at the Grange / Housing BillExodus / The Land Is Ours occupation / Reclaim the Streets / Stanworth Valley / Ploughshares / Childbirth on the road / Agenda 21 / Lofty Tones / Lets Trading / Internet Itinerants / Letters, regulars and more.


2. The State It's In
The 'new politics of protest' is now a phrase branded about in mainstream media.

News Shorts and Other Business

It's A Shell Out - picket at Shell AGM
Paying The War Machine - weaponry is big business for UK Plc
BAe Supplying Oppressive Regimes - BAe AGM targeted by Arms Trade protesters
Hackney Blah - racial harassment in housing department
Stonehenge Welcomes Its Own - VE Day celebrations at Stonehenge
Hackney Homeless 'Incident' Acquittals - All five acquitted of public order offences following last year's Hackney Homeless Festival
ID Or Not ID ... That Is The Serious Question - a national identity card is... on the cards
Where There's Muck - travellers in Ireland recycle manure
Nuclear Waste Train Given Lick Of Protest Paint - Anti-nuclear action against train which goes through London weekly
Critical Mass - bike power in central London
New Police Baton Goes Lethal - Man fatally injured by new police baton in London
Freelance Journalists Targetted - Four freelance journalists arrested in one week, each covering demonstrations
What The Eyes Don't See - The Mind Doesn't Have To Ponder - travellers site near Grimsby evicted
McLibel Appeal For Assistance - Call-out to help fund two activists up against a mega-corporation
Police Shut-Down Free Parties - are local police under Home Office orders to clamp down on raves?
Free Parties - Sunnyside Style - this is the sound of the underground
School For Travellers - International conference held in London about schooling for gypsy and traveller children

10. Compulsory Reprogramming
Beware of the in-coming Job Seekers Allowance Bill. By Andy Johnson

11. Actors Of Parliament
- starring Sir Graham Bright MP and Exodus

12. A Nightmare On LWT Street
Road protesters stitched up on Richard Littlejohn chat show, then attacked by riot police. By Jim Carey

13. News Of The Skews
The Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail champion the squatters!

14. A New Housing Bill
Homeless people vs the private rented sector - the new Housing Bill is reviewed by Joe Oldman

15. Exodus - Keep Up The Momentum
New political twists, turns and dances with the Exodus Collective

16. The Roots Of Sustainable Development
Local Agenda 21: doing it anyway. Andy Johnson investigates

17. Populating The International Promise
Will the Government act on its Agenda 21 commitments? By Jim Carey

Road Wars

Round-up of road protest happenings, including Reclaiming the Air and In Defence of Stanworth
19. Road Building In Chaos
Transport Secretary Brian Mawhinney announces that some road-building schemes are to be held-over
19. A30 Exeter Honiton ByPass
Upcoming road project to be privately run
19. Trans European Networks And The Derby Bypass
TENs - the bigger picture behind road expansion in Britain
20. Reclaiming The Air
Report from the first Reclaim The Streets, Camden High St, London, on May 14th. By Andy Johnson
22. In Defence Of Stanworth Valley
Two reports from the eviction of the No M65 protest camp in Lancashire by Ian Freeman and Catherine Grivas
24. Pro-Newbury Bypass Lobby Grows
Momentum is gathering for the Newbury Bypass
24. Laing Four Freed
The first road protesters charged under the CJA go to trial

25. Born On The Road
You better get born in some place else - move along get along - the children of travellers. By Debbie Shaw

26. The Land Comes Alive
'Land Is Ours' occupation of St Georges Hill in Surrey - shovelling land issues back into the political arena. By Jim Carey

28. Fruit Of The Earth
The wine and wisdom of Sutton Eric, at the Land Is Ours occupation at St Georges Hill - as told to Jim Carey and others

28. Lofty Tones
A post-alternative look at alternative energy from Tony Allen

29. Going Round In Circulars
The lip-service and reality of site provision, prejudice and planning. Jim Carey reports on the affect on travellers of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act

31. The Jewel In The Mud Award
Battle of the Beanfield in the media ten years on, report by Neil Goodwin

32. Travelling Under Pressure
Manoeuvres to erode the travelling community in an ethnic whitewash

33. Nine Great Conspiracy Theories
...To explain the Criminal Justice Act

34. No Place Like Hulme
Travellers, squatters and tennants in Hulme, the inner city Manchester estate. By Ally Fogg

35. Juxta-Posing

36. Culture Cash-in on Raves and Festivals
Seamus O'Conner takes a look at the so-called 'new age entrepreneurs' cashing in on the current political climate for festivals

39. Netrogressive
Netrogressive - Breaking the information monopoly on the internet, by Ben Schneider
Group 4 On The Net - Group 4 uses web to surveil road protesters
West Mercia Police And The Anonymous Remailer - police use dubious and potentially hack-able anonymising service

Kraak It Open
Sam Beale travels to Holland to look at their long-established squat centres and speak with the free radicals
40. Kraaking The System - negotiating the terrain
42. What's The Kraak? - exploring the loopholes...
44. Kraaking Info - radical media

45. To Do The Right Thing
Andy Johnson interviews Chris Cole, currently in prison for hammering £100,000 worth of damage to BAe military equipment as part of the Swords Into Ploughshares peace movement

46. 50th Anniversaries And All That
50 years after VE Day, and therefore 50 years of the post-war squatting movement in Britain. By Jim Paton

47. Letter From Latin America
The lack of land, housing and peace in Gutemala, sent in by Emma Eastwood

48. LETS Trade
Alternative economics, co-operation stylee: Lorna Russell looks at LETS local economies

49. Are You Well Red?
A review of books about the Criminal Justice Act, by Sean McSweeney

49. Letters
The Road-Builders 'Hard' Men - no accountability over the violence on protesters at the M11 protest
Travellering With Prejudice - travelling culture under attack from bigotry
Scottish Travelin' Tales - same CJA concerns north of the border
Ministers With Dirty Back Yards - Tory MP Nigel Evans trashes 'the most beautiful rural constituency'

50. Contacts