Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 9

Squall 9


'Magazine for Assorted Itinerants'
Winter (Jan-Feb) 1995 (48pp tabloid)

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The State It's In / Critical Mass / Agenda 21 / Claremont Road eviction special / Sexual harassment against women protestors / Mental health and human rights / Life after the Criminal Justice Act / Grass roots housing / Exodus Collective public enquiry / Hyde Park CJA demonstration / Land ownership / Road Wars / International SQUALL / Actors of Parliament / News Of The Skews / Pedalling across the Atlantic / letters, regulars and more.


4. The State It’s In
- assessing the early impact of the Criminal Justice Act

News Shorts & Other Busyness

Westmaladminister City Council
- new bribery allegations surface from district auditor's report
Get Lost - You're From The Daily Mail - live animal export protesters refuse to talk to scum newspaper
McLibel - the infamous trial re-starts after new-year recess
Stressville UK - Britain has highest average working week in Europe
Compensation And Apologies From Twyford Down Police - protesters quids-in after pay-off for unlawful arrests
Get Off Your Land
- travellers refused permission to live on land they own
Travellers Get Compensation For Discrimination - Littlewoods pay travellers out-of-court settlement for discrimination
Squash - squatters occupy posh property opposite Kensington Palace owned by Sheikh
Travellers Moving Abroad - exodus of travellers from Britain avoiding the CJA
Police Cameras
- increasing use of police surveillance cameras at demos
Alternative Media Reveals The Truth And Saves Protesters - activist media footage gets protester off police assault charge (in fact shows that the opposite happened)
Hackney TAT Man Suspended - sordidness inside Hackney Council
Road-Building HQs Occupied - road-protesters surprise Highways Agency with office occupation
Spike On The Mic - Spike Milligan does impromptu comedy show for live animal exports protesters at Shoreham

9. Actors Of Parliament
- the latest gobble from Westminster

10. News Of The Skews
- photo of Hyde Park CJB demo used by mainstream photo-editors skews perspective on a year of protest

12. Shuffle Shuffle Snuffle
- The opposition Labour Party led by Tony Blair are no friend of the homeless, particularly new shadow housing spokesperson Nick Raynsford. By Kit Nash

13. Working the Net
- campaigners go global on the internet, by Ben Schneider

14. Critical Mass
- Patrick Field writes about Critical Mass - the bike-powered effort to end car domination

15. Local Agenda 21
- two articles about the new ground-claiming cry for sustainability
Local Agendas - how protesters, squatters and travellers can work with it - by Anna Makismow
What Is Agenda 21? - what is this buzzword sweeping through grassroots organisations? by Andy Johnson

Road Wars

SQUALL's road protest round up and down the country
No M77 battle hots up in Scotland
- 'Free State Of Pollok'
Policy Shift or Shifty Policy? - is public opinion swinging away from tarmac?
A30 Honiton-Exeter on the back burner - protest camps building with clearance work done
The Third Battle of Newbury - pitched against vested interests
No M65 Campaign - the 'Sky Village' at Stanworth Valley in Lancashire against the M65,

Towers of Strength

- Claremont Road, East London; inside Europe's longest eviction. Report and interviews with protesters against the M11 Link Road. By Jim Carey

23. Jewel In The Mud Award
- this issue's selection of printed matter
Squall - a poem by John Hegley

24. Remember Remember

27. And Here Is The News... - review of Undercurrent 2 video collection

28. Under Cover Of Eviction
- security guards, bailiffs and sexual harassment against female protesters, by Debbie Shaw

29. Support or Coercion for the Mentally Ill?
- new legislation on mental health to target the already disadvantaged and discriminated against. By Andy Porter, Brighton regional director of MIND

30. Forget Politics - Let's Talk Homes
- facile follies and new initiatives in housing, from long-serving member of the Advisory Service for Squatters, Jim Paton

32. The Pharaoh's Men Drowning Again
- the latest underhand political manoeuvring designed to halt Exodus and smother the public enquiry

International SQUALL

Western Promise?
- the market forces a new revolution in Russia
Caught In The Croatian Crossfire
- homelessness caused by the war in Croatia
Weiderdam Development Protest - squatters take wood and marsh land in Germany earmarked for flats
Zaire's Street Children - drop-in centre for kids in Kinshasa who have been thrown out of home after being accused of sorcery (sic).
World Bank Evictions
- WB projects are leading to millions being dispossessed or re-settled
Yangtze Homeless - the immense consequences of the monster Three Gorges Dam in China
Chirac Changes His Spots - empty offices in Paris to be used for winter shelters
Unicef Report - reveals startling numbers of human casualties from wars just in the past decade
Letter from Asia
- Glyn Walters writes back from South East Asia

37. Lofty Tone’s Column
- Tony Allen on dead pigeons and other sculptures

38. Past Plots and Future Fields
- Shim Solomon looks at the continual erosion of access to land and enclosures in Britain over centuries, right up to today's CJA

41. Below The Sod
- underground houses

42. Pedal For The Planet
- cycling across the oceans 'nutter stylee'

44. Consultation Exorcise
- "the widest possible public debate"?

44. Life After the Criminal Justice Act
- public order monitoring by Liz Parratt, Campaigns Officer, Liberty

46. Letters and Contacts
Love & Rage - critical response to CJ Stone's article about the Anti-CJB Demo in Squall 8