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Squall 7

Squall 7

'Getting Our Priorities Right'

'Magazine for Assorted Itinerants'
Summer 1994 (36pp A4)

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The State It's In / Summary of CJA Part 5 / Friends, Families and Travellers Support Group / Hackney Special: Hackney Homeless Peoples' Festival / CJA in Hackney / Solsbury Hill / Advance Party CJA protest / Hunt Sabs and the CJA / Artillery Mansions eviction / letters, regulars and more.


3. The State It’s In
- as the CJB makes its final way through the House Of Lords

5. Actors of Parliament
- the theatre continues

6. Injustice Translate
- summary of Part V of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill

News Shorts & Other Busyness

Dirty Dramas - BBC go out looking for a dirty squat for a shooting location
Gypsy Women "Turned Mad" by Bill
- women gypsys form new group to fight the CJB
Six Year Wait For Damages - finally a payout for police violence against squatter
CoolTan Arts Centre To Close - Brixton hub of activity to close after plan to buy the building is gazumped
MoD Cons
- Ministry of Defence in greenwash PR shocker
Squatters And Locals Rally Against Sandwiches - local effort to stop car park and sandwich factory in Hackney
Government Dept Claims Squatters Rights - road builders occupy land and unbelievably put up a Section 6
Police Tied Up - Police complain that being force to enforce the CJB when it is enacted will put them under great pressure

10. Travellers, Friends and Families
- Friends, Families and Travellers Support Group view the future, by Steve Staines

11. Some-Where-Set in Somerset
- travellers tales from the West Country

13. Nostalgia? The Choice
- a curator's confusion

Hackney Special

14. The Festival, Council & Scapegoats
- Hackney homeless take the blame

17. The Alternative Ideal Homes Exhibition
- Clissold Park, May 8th

18. Hasty Hackney & The CJB
- who needs new laws? Not Hackney

19. Road Wars
- spotlight on the battle for Solsbury Hill

22. The Jewel in the Mud Award
- this issue's selected media gem: George Monbiot gives historical context to what the CJB is attacking.

23. FreeNet
- the Freedom Network has a 'Bill's Picnic' against the CJB at Hyde Park.

24. Advance for a Free Future
- a personal view of the May 1st London mass demonstration against the CJB by Debbie Staunton

25. The Real Criminals
- hunt saboteur Paul Davis examines the truth behind the false claims made about hunt sabs, and how CJB laws will affect them

28. Forked Tongues & Tongue Ties
- the Government tries to silence critics - as well as charities and other groups involved in - helping the homeless and travellers

29. Rest In Peace
- memorial march in London for homeless deaths

30. The Last Press Release
- the eviction of Artillery Mansions occupation in Westminster on April 22nd (1994)

31. Consultation Exorcise
- in this issue we see comments in a Govt consultation paper relating to the removal of statutory housing for 'priority need' homeless families

32. Letters
Agenda Amenda
Jewel Reply
Bristol Squatters
Quiet Life And Trojan Horses
Empty Homes Agency
Formidable Army
Ex-Squatting Statesman

34. Contacts

July/August 1994
The State It's In:
Criminal Justice Bill delayed by amendments in House Of Lords.