Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 6

Squall 6

'The Satire Becomes Reality'

'Magazine for Squatters, Travellers and assorted Itinerants'
Spring 1994 (44pp A4) 

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The State It's In: Criminal Justice and Public Order Act is published / Summary of CJB Part V / News Of The SqewsNo M11 Link Rd Protest / International Squatters / Artillery Mansions / Actors Of Parliament / Consultation Exorcise / Squatters Estate Agency / Rutland Park Mansions squat eviction / Law Is A Cabaret Old Chum / The Jewel In The Mud Award / letters and more.


3. The State It’s In
- The publishing of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill (CJB) points to a bleak outlook for squatters, travellers, ravers, and protesters

4. Law Is A Cabaret Old Chum
- Farce in the House as the CJB plays to the gallery

6. InJustice Translate
- Summary of Part V of the CJB relating to aggravated trespass, squatting, travelling, land protests and festivals/parties

9. News Of The Sqews
- Marathon trawl through the media

13. Road-House Blues
- The largest Road and Housing protest in Europe erupts in Wanstonia, NE London, to fight the M11 Link Rd

16. International Squatters
- Squalls from around the world

19. Heartbreak, Lies & Misinformation
- Media manipulations & misinformation about squatting in Oxford

20. Heavy Artillery
- Squatters take Artillery Mansions - an 'in yer face' protest about homelessness in the heart of Westminster

21. Actors Of Parliament
- Thespians or puppets in the House as the All Party Parliamentary Group on Homelessness meet

23. The Jewel In The Mud Award
- This issue's selected media gem, featuring positive commentary from one Guardian journalist about the Exodus Collective

24. Consultation Exorcise
- Who did the Govt listen to when drafting the new CJB squatting legislation?

25. The Squatters Estate Agency
- Report from the Squatters Estate Agency running in Oxford

26. Rutlander's Last Stand
- Eviction of the biggest squat in Britain, Rutland Park Mansions

30. Gypsy Council
- Gypsy Council voice grave concerns about the effects of the CJB on gypsy and traditional travellers

30. Tory Gyp
- How blatant can it get?

31. Hackney Electric Scheme(ing)
- London's dirtiest borough knows no bounds

News Shorts & Other Busyness

Liberty Go To European Courts
- surveillance on travellers is human rights breach
Fines For Four Involved In Ejecting Squatters - thugs walk free after illegally using violent to gain entry
Out For A Duck - Tory MP in bullshitting on live TV shocker
Mental Health & One Young Offender
- rise in youth suicides
Surprise Surprised - Empty Homes Agency consultant also has ignorance and hypocrisy exposed on live TV
Westmaladminister Council
- no wonder trust in politicians is so low
Hackney's Homeless Peoples' Festival
- is to go ahead on May 8th at Clissold Park
- Squatters and the Electricity Board
Brent Council Bent Truths - standover tactics by the council to silence criticism of them

Government Homelessness Review

We Lose
- the removal of the rights to housing
Tongue Tied - Govt silences critics and compromises opposition by playing housing charities off one another
Tory Ho
- but beneath the media surface...

40. Letters
The Earth & The Tribe
Exploration & Invention
A Success!
Tony Benn

A Place To Park
Radio Bronka
C Of Eviction
Letter From Karelia

42. Contacts