Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 5

Squall 5

'Jesus was a traveller - we nailed him too'

'Magazine for Squatters, Travellers and other Itinerants'
Oct/Nov 1993 (36pp A5) 

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Proposed 'Criminal Justice Bill' / Bristol Shelter Travellers' Unit Closure /  News Of The Sqews / SQUASH - Squatters' Action For Secure Homes / Hidden fascism breaks cover / Advisory Service For Squatters / Glastonbury Festival Landowner Battles for Travellers / Trouble for Brixton Squatters / Vicar preaches open-mindedness / contactics, letters and more...


3. The State It’s In
- Concerns are mounting about the proposed new Criminal Justice Bill...

4. Traveller Units Forced To Close
- Underhand elbows and defunding as Bristol Shelter Traveller's Unit closes.

6. When yon mentioned Squatting...
- Graphic

7. Painters
- A new scheme proposed to licence squatters, coming from a surprising source: right-wing thinktank The Adam Smith Institute.

8. News Of The Sqews
- A Travel through skew-whiffs as presented by the British press.

11. Responses Kept Secret
- The Home Office refuse to let anyone see the responses to the consultation process on squatting legislation

12. A Crime To Be Homeless?
- The latest from London squatting campaign SQUASH

13. 60,000 Squatters
- Graphic

14. Travellers, Immigrants & Other Niggers
- Hidden fascism made public

16. No Bigots Allowed
- "No Travellers" signs hung up in pubs now unlawful

17. Scapegoats And Distractions
- Sore thumbs on Tower Hamlets' skyline

18. A N Wilson
- Rare media jewels

20. Squatting ASSpects
- A day from the diary of an Advisory Service for Squatters Volunteer.

21. All One Big Parliamentary Party
- Dozing off in Westminster

22. Greening Glastonbury
- News from field level

23. Who You Gonna Call? Hackney!
- Hackney Council in shop-a-squatter hotline shocker
Shelter Evicted From The Closet
- Letter to The Independent from Shelter countering misconceptions about squatting

28. "Jesus Was A Traveller"
- Vicar reminds hateful congregation about the guy with long-hair and sandals they worship

29. London Streets
- Smokey happenings

30. Rural England and the Nomadic Hordes
- Graphic

31. Landowner Battles
- Devon farmer who lets travellers stay on his land comes up against the full reactionary fury of his neighbours and officialdom.

32. Contactics
- Groups involved in fighting for rites

34. Letters
- The Post-bag Trickle
Squatting Bristol Fashion

35. Forced Evictions
- UN Human Rights Resolution on Forced Evictions