Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Squall 4

Squall 4

Information Is Your Weapon

'Magazine for Squatters / Homeless'
April/May 1993 (28 pp A5) 

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Proposed 'Criminal Justice Bill' / Malcolm X / News Of The Sqews / Fenced Inn Fields / Travellers Travails / Advisory Service For Squatters / Corporatisation of Rental Market / Putting Our House In Order / letters , contax and more...


3. The State It's In
- The current state of legislation.

4. What Has All This Got To Do With Malcolm X?
- At the opening night of Spike Lee's Malcolm X film

5. A Law Against Travellers
- The Government's proposals
Nothing New - A History Of Gyp
- Some moments in a long story of ethnic cleansing

6. News Of The Sqews
- What they've been spouting in the media.

8. Fenced Inn Fields?
- Rough sleepers, rats & cover-ups.

9. Nailing It Down
- Squall pins down Islington, Hackney & Tower Hamlets.

12. Traveller's Travails
- Snapshots and stories regarding the plight of Travellers

13. Homeless Convictions
- The Government is treating squatting as an issue of criminality, not homelessness

14. Policing & Squatting
- Misinformation about squatting from police

16. Satan's Squatters
- The 'demonisation' of squatting rattles between the tabloid press and the echo chamber of parliamentary politics

17. Marketing Madness
- Corporatisation of the rental property market

18. Squatting ASSpects
- A day from the diary of an Advisory Service for Squatters Volunteer.

19. Let them Eat Rarebit
- There's this cheap cafe in the middle of Westminster...

20. Initiative? We Could Use Some
- Has the Government got any, when it comes to rising homelessness?

21. Putting Our House In Order
- Musicians come together for a charity to aid homeless
Liberty Lobby
- The different groups of Travellers - Romanies, Gypsys, Irish and New Age Traveller - put their differences aside to meet at the Houses of Parliament

25.The Post-Bag Emptied
- Letters to Squall.
Response To Ability
What Choice?
Media Management

28. Contax.